Corporate culture

Corporate culture is an important component of the effective work of our company. Our goal is to form a cohesive team, as the spirit of unity in a modern, fast-growing company plays a key role.


team is a dynamic, creative team.

Many corporate events are becoming traditional in our company.

One of the most important holidays for us is the birthday of the company, which we celebrate on March 28th. On this day, we thank all the employees, select the best, hand in diplomas, summarize the past year, make plans for the future. The bright finale of each year is a corporate New Year's holiday. At all events, we get together, communicate.

The company hosts various creative contests. Much attention is paid to sporting events. Participants in sports and creative events are not only employees of the company, but also their children.

About company
Our services

The main service we provide for our Chinese partners is the selection and import of high-quality food products to the territory of China.

provides the following services for foreign food manufacturers:


We provide the sale of goods and calculations


We provide consulting and marketing support, give the manufacturer recommendations necessary for certification of goods and increase in sales (for example, on changing packaging, etc.).


We carry out all procedures for customs clearance and certification of goods.

A full range of activities

We provide a full range of activities from marketing and analysis of the Chinese market to the supply and sale of goods.


Supply products.

Our advantages:

Business expansion

We have our own structure for import and sales in the Russian Federation and in the China: an office in Russia, an office and a warehouse in Shanghai

Effective production

We import an exclusive assortment that has no analogues in the China market

New commodity market

Our supply chain is flexible and transparent.

Strengthening the position

We are focused on long-term cooperation and the consistent strengthening of our positions in the China market, we do not set high margins on goods or commissions on our services.

Ambitions. Qualification. Cooperation.
It is the three most important factors which are the base of our work, it helps us move on day by day.

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